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TitleFrom inside hostel
Work: Outdoor public architecture in urban landscape, 8th semester
Collaborators: Elli Tsakopoulou , Korina Noussi
Date: 2018

Details: In our intervention, we propose the creation of a hostel which consists of units measuring 3.6 x 3.6 x 3.6 meters, which are suspended with the help of a structure supported by the surrounding buildings. Each unit has the ability to move on the frame, so that the desired position can be selected by each user. The cubicles are made of glass, which is polarized and blurred according to the user’s needs. When one enters the square, the unused rooms are transparent, and the occupied ones are blurred. Thus, a cloud of transparency, translucency and opacity now hovers in the void, distracting the gaze of the passers-by who discover the space, and raising the question of what they see - and what not. This intervention merges  the boundaries between  private and public, as something private such as the personal space offered by a hotel room, escapes the security of the building walls and is exposed to the public. The aim of the intervention is to challenge interpersonal relationships in the fast pace of the city and everyday life. When time is running out and contacts are in danger of becoming more anxious and hurried, eroticism more limited and distractions constant, a place is offered in the center of Athens, where one is called to step away from reality and experience time more effectively, with greater devotion, being at the same time in conditions that are unusual and lead to a different perception of situations. Inside each room, placed in a way that overturns the classic layout of a room, as their boundaries are intertwined, only a bed, a shower and toilet are located.

︎ Marianna Tsapepa, 2020