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Title: Behind the Scenes
Work: Architectural Design Project: Building complex with public program, 7th semester
Collaborators: Angeliki Asimakopoulou, Alexandros Kontis
Date: 2018

Details:  The proposed building for the University of Performing Arts, located in Pireaus Avenue in southwest Athens, is a dynamic and open structure, supporting both the openness of public uses and the privacy of studying spaces. 

This two-semester academic project focused on designing of a building with a public character and a complex architectural program, approaching it on the basis of both  architectural design and building technology.

An important aspect was the integration of the building in the urban fabric, while paying attention to the handling of outdoor common areas, the details of the building interior, the choice of materials and the detailed structural design of the building.

The program includes public fuctions such as a library, a theater, a second experimental “black box” theater and a restraurant, as well as an amphitheater, studios equipped for teaching acting classes, direction and scenography, and offices for professors and administration.

Developed on its vertical axis, the main uses that are intented for students, such as the studios and amphitheater, are located in the concrete prism that floats above the street level, liberating the ground floor and encouraging the interaction between the building and the city.

With the intention to encourage public outdoor living, an open space is created between the main building volumes, while the fuctions that refer most to the public -the restaurant and theater- are placed adjacent to it. 

︎ Marianna Tsapepa, 2020