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Title: Modular Living
Work: Urban Design Project, 9th semester
Collaborators: Chara Kaika, Alexandros Kontis
Date: 2019 

Details: Through the design, the connection of the residential areas on both sides of the study field is sought, as well as its connection with the hill. At the same time, the integration of the above is sought with parts of the urban fabric which are located north of the hill and due to lack of planning both this and the urban continuity, are not currently associated with the southern part of the unit. Thus, it is proposed to create a route within the city, which will be the unifying element between the existing housing cores. The main element of the social housing complex is the longitudinal street, where shops and social workshops are loocated, proposed to be managed by the residents of the complex or the wider area. This idea expects to meet the needs of residents’ basic necessities to be served, while at the same time the surrounding individual neighborhoods can be connected.

︎ Marianna Tsapepa, 2020