Title: Sign, Language, Building
Work: Individual Dissertation Research
Date: 2020

Details:  The paper resumes an interdisciplinary research into the theory of architecture in relation to semiotics and linguistics, as it was developed during the 60s and since, as well as the way in which this context enriches the analysis of works of architecture.

It approaches the connection of the communicative side of architecture, the form, to the way it is being perceived through codes, and the process of categorizing architectural signs.

The topic was perceived as an investigation on the analogy between language and architecture, and the role of linguistic structures in the architectural design process.

The paper begins with tracing historical parallels between language and architecture, in various fields and times. Later, the dipole is focused on texts by Geoffrey Broadbent and Umberto Eco, discussing architecture in the context of semiotics. In the last chapter, a semiotic model deriving from the previous theoretical analysis, is applied on the early works of Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill.

︎ Marianna Tsapepa, 2020