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Title: Education Hub
Work: Architectural Design Project, 5th semester
Collaborator: Vasilis Soldatos
Date: 2016

Details: Τhe volumes and engravings were created following the diagonal axis of the plot and the programmatic around a central core. The self-referentiality of the building is also reflected in its system of circulation, embellished by the connection with the public space. Access is implemented through two entrances, while the school complex is organized on three levels following the natural slope of the plot.

The composition is developed around the central space consisting of the main hub of vertical movement, the main courtyard for the students, and the multipurpose room, which also functions as a link with the urban environment.

The classrooms are housed in opposite placed volumes, emphasizing the natural sunlight and ventilation of each classroom with openings shaded by blinds when needed, as well as solar shelves to diffuse light.

The building volume that houses the first and second class is located on the intermediate level, is connected to lower level through stands, forming a smooth and clear access for younger children. Thanks to this system, that follows and enriches the geometry of the composition, the connection of all functions and levels is achieved, both outdoors and indoors.

︎ Marianna Tsapepa, 2020