Title: stodeo
Work: Illustrations
Date: 2020

Details: Stodeo is an ongoing social media project, its name occuring as a merging between the words “ode” and “studio”. It came up as a result of thinking and experimentation with different mediums of expression and creation regarding space. The idea behind the illustrations is visual communication, combining elements of graphic design, photography and architecture.

The illustrations form triptychs, sharing a common concept or reference. Sometimes they are variations of portraying the same concept, and sometimes there is a narrative that connects them.

They are inspired by books, the urban environment, works of art, photography and architecture and ideas that came up during other projects but didn’t fully develop in the past.  

It is a visual diary, in which most posts are accompanied with a text that refers to them directly or indirectly. Using the medium of instagram, stodeo is an experiment on different formats of virtual presentation, as well as a try to speak out and interract with the online community of graphic designers and architects.

︎ Marianna Tsapepa, 2020